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We can't wait to get you excited about Food Disco

A short history of why we're here, in the words of our founder

A double challenge

For me, it always starts with a conversation, and this time there were two. A pair of friends and their memorable quotes got the wheels turning around the idea that would soon become Food Disco.

“Food and place!”


A real estate contact of mine uses this phrase a lot. Her properties are some the most inviting, buzzing, community-focused environments I know.


I walked into a ton of buildings and had a lot of chats. Two things became clear:


  • Onsite food services can be hard to do without inconvenience, expense and space. As a result, it often doesn’t happen

  • On the flip side, nearly every landlord, company and residential estate manager would like onsite food services – and the associated hospitality – to be a big part of their community building efforts

“I’ll eat anything. So long as it’s good.”


That was a friend's response when I suggested restaurants we could try in a city none of us knew.


Here was a guy with the willingness to discover amazing food but zero interest in messing up his choice. No pain no gain, risk reward, I get it – but when time is short, can you blame him?


Buildings and companies want great food and hospitality but don’t have an easy, flexible and cost-effective means to provide it. Consumers crave new menus and cuisines but have little time for risk.


These are exciting problems to solve.

Introducing Food Disco

We listened to the real estate industry, we listened to consumers and we came up with a solution that serves them both.


Our food services bring inspired restaurants and street food traders straight to the heart of your community. We provide unrivaled variety, quality, convenience and fun that people look forward to every day. Our service is trusted by many of the most respected landlords, property managers and residential developers in the country.

As for the word “Disco”, consider it a lean version of “discovery”. We give your community the opportunity to explore new menus and cuisines, every day of the week. That’s fun for everyone.

Here's why Food Disco is amazing

More choice


Whether you take up our onsite food popups or catering services, we bring a different handpicked food partner and their menu straight to your premises every day of the week. Workplace desk or relaxing on your sofa, our service just doesn’t get boring, wherever you are.

Our food partners


We do our homework when we select food partners. We dig deep, listen around and follow the hot tips. They all meet the Food Disco style:


  • Master chefs – Everything they make is moreish

  • Variety – No cuisine or menu is off limits

  • Passionate – Your meal is made by a business owner who cares

  • Independent – Ambitious free thinkers at their finest

  • Conscious – Sustainably minded and careful about their impact


Authentic and delicious food, fair prices and heaps of hospitality; that’s what you get when our food partners host meals at your premises.

Ultimate convenience


Our onsite food popups and catering services allow immediacy and convenience like none other.  Never before has such variety and quality been so easy for your people to access.


Onsite convenience also means ultimate meal freshness and quality. Your food is with you pretty much as soon as it’s made – just as our food partner intended.



Environmental responsibility is at our core, and our food partners are on the same page. You’re helping, too. When you give your people the option to eat with Food Disco, we’re working together to reduce street congestion and pollution from countless delivery drivers.


I am incredibly passionate about supporting our independent food partners. If there are things Food Disco can do to support the ambitious creators and innovators in this industry, we’ll do it.

Everyone benefits


This is one of the most rewarding and exciting things about Food Disco – everyone involved is better off:


  • Workplaces and residential developments get an engaging new service that promotes community and wellbeing

  • Consumers get new, exciting and authentic food options every day of the week

  • Food partners genuinely increase their sales – without biting off their own nose

Join me on Food Disco’s exciting journey. Get in touch and we'll introduce how our services can work for you.


Thanks for reading. We look forward to feeding you soon.


Gregor Sokalski

Founder and CEO