Food services that bring inspired restaurants and street food traders to the heart of your community

We're the rotating restaurant on your doorstep

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How it works

Food Disco brings handpicked restaurants and street food to your premises with a different menu and cuisine every day

Your community has never had it better


Constantly changing menus never get boring


Selected food partners make every meal to order


Great food has never been closer or faster

Rotating food popups

The Food Disco Popup allows your people to buy exciting meals for takeaway with contactless Click+Collect ordering. All meals are made to order at our onsite popup by our selection of carefully vetted food partners - programmed by us to suit your unique demographic.


Our contactless, onsite meal pickup makes Food Disco the safest and fastest food service option available
to your community, be that a residential development or workplace.


This is a perk your people will love.


Food Disco Catering is a fantastic way to bring new energy and authentic cuisine to fully subsidised employee meal plans.


Partner with us to provide occasional team meals or outsource your existing catering programme. We’ll sit down with you to develop a bespoke service that is safe and flexible, then feed your people exciting food they actually want to eat.

Our core services

Our food partners

Word-of-mouth, market visits, coffees and calls, it took time to build up
Food Disco’s food partner network. With countless accolades,
their reputations precede them. They’re the best in the business.


We call them food partners because they’re just that; trusted chefs,
street food traders and restaurants that we collaborate with all the time.
We’re honoured to work with them.

Our food partners are Food Disco’s beating heart,

no two ways about it

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"The food looked and tasted great and the price point was in line with nearby lunch options."

—  Laura D, Lead Receptionist

Communities partnering with Food Disco have their people on their minds.

If you think we'd be a good match for your residential development or workplace, we should talk.